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Guesthouse Manhattan 

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Name:Guesthouse Manhattan
Adresse:63 Audubon Avenue
New York, NY 10032
Telefon:(+1) 212 / 7811842
  • Ausschlie▀lich Nichtraucher-Zimmer
  • Direkt an der Subway Station "Washington Heights" gelegen
  • Maximale Aufenthaltsdauer: 7 Tage
  • Einfach gehalten. Eigentlich kein Hostel. Sehr wenige Zimmer. Deswegen unbedingt reservieren!

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Erfahrungsberichte: Guesthouse Manhattan, New York

[ 26/11/2015 ]
Here's what I have gathered1. Ben set up the plane wrgceake so people wouldnt look for it and accidentaly happen upon the island.2. Michael is working for ben just as we see Sayid working for ben in one of the flashforwards. Which is why he is on the boat spying 3. The person in the coffin, this is a real trick isn't it. Jack is shaken by it but Kate seems to strongly dislike him/her. So she either has strong disregards for hurley, sayid, or sun later in the show and that's who is in the coffin. I think it would most likely be sayid/ Hurley had family and sun had her father and all. Sayid had no one in america, he never found his love, and he works for ben (which kate probably did not like). So, if sayid is in the coffin, that would make the most sense, even though logic doesn't seem to matter when it comes to lost lol.4. The bodies could not have been from the purge because john was laying in the ditch with them. It has been made clear that Ben has Resource's and would have many ways of making it happen.

[ 02/05/2015 ]
Tip top stffu. I'll expect more now.

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