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HI-Portland - Northwest 

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Name:HI-Portland - Northwest
Adresse:425 NW 18th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209
Telefon:(+1) 503 / 2412783
  • Sehr zentral gelegen - Auch in Bezug auf die Verkehrsanbindung (nur 10 Minuten zum Amtrack Bahnhof und 5 Minuten zum MAX-train mit Flughafenanbindung)
  • Check-In ohne Probleme bis 20.00 Uhr möglich / Für einen Checking nach 20.00 Uhr vorher anrufen und Termin vereinbaren
  • Gratis Brot & Bagels
  • Kostenloser Wireless Internet Zugang mit Deinem Laptop


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[ 02/05/2015 ]
Agile Open Northwest 2009.I did not find this event useful, or good value at $125. There were a lot of unpyelomed people, and corporate people there seeking education, and I didn't see them being helped. This is like an auto-mechanic's coffee-chat for auto-mechanics, not newbies, but this isn't stated. (Info covered was no better than any other techie club meeting at a pub.) Nobody has anyway to know if the other guy is a real mechanic, fake, or terrible. The event has no official speakers or experts that you can check credentials on. Format of the event is like a massive role-playing game, at the start of the event random people off the street spontaneously declare topics, and go off and discuss. Nobody is policing massive redundancy or content quality of topics. I found a lot of redundancy, or very superficial mentions on books people had read what people were trying at work. Very little usable information, practical steps to implement, etc.There are consultants seeking to appear like experts and build their consulting biz, who are volunteering to talk about things. Impossible to check if they are any good.One "presenter" had us playing a game that turned into a violent wrestling match over office chairs, and people were getting very wild, sweating, whipping at each other's faces with office chairs. Other presentations were "trying to go Agile in a non-Agile Company", a repeated topic over and over, and they were all very vague bitch sessions.

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